Short blades without foot pockets


A short version for more maneuverability. The ideal fin for instructors, dynamic apnea and ocean lovers.

100% Prepreg carbon fiber blades handcrafted in my workshop.

Technical specifications:

  • Blade angle: 25°
  • Blade length for angle to the tip: 55.5cm
  • Total blade length and width:
    75.5 cm x 19 cm (Cetma Composites compatibility)
    67 cmx 19 cm (Pathos compatibility)
    70.2 cmx 19 cm (C4 compatibility)
  • Made in France


  Stiffness and size recommendations



Blade stiffness recommandations

We advise selecting blade stiffness in correlation with your overall physical structure. These recommandations can be adapted based on your taste and strength.

 Deep Freediving CWB
/ Spearfishing
Pool Freediving DYN
Less than 80 kg2 - Soft1 - Super Soft
More than 80 kg3 - Medium1 - Super Soft


1 – Super Soft, 2 – Soft, 3 – Medium

Foot pocket compatibility

Cetma Composites, Pathos, C4 400 & 300

Add a fins backpack bag +70€

No, Yes